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Welcome to Speedi,
The new way to shop all your food and groceries in a convenient and easy way. foodranger is a leading e-commerce application established to give the customer the easiest shopping experience by offering a wide variety of local and international restaurants  with the best offers, ready to be delivered in the fastest way and highest level of optimal services.
Our goal is to improve the quality of shopping by using the latest technology to provide you with all your needs of groceries and your favorite products at the best prices and had them delivered straight to your doorstep at the time slot you prefer.
We are committed to give you the best shopping experience in terms of service, price and time at their highest quality standards.
FOOD RANGER is a small Team of problem solvers and Designers working around the clock to
make most powerful online tool for food delivery, orders are place through its app
or website and the riders transport the orders from restaurant to customer, with mission to bring
high quality halal food from word class local cuisine and high quality restaurant, easy with faster
delivery to the customer workplace or home.
By providing a variety of meal and restaurant to choice along with the convenience and low
cost of delivery,